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  • Sufficient exercise helps relieve elimination problems, excessive barking, destructiveness, separation anxiety and other common behavior problems
  • Regular exercise helps ensure good physical and mental health
  • Exercise helps tire a dog so he is less likely to misbehave
  • Exercise helps improve muscle tone and joints
  • Puppies need to go out every 3-4 hours for proper training and socialization
  • Aging pets must be kept agile and fit, too
  • Great for maintaining weight or weight loss
  • Helps improve and maintain cardiovascular system

Do We Need a Regular Dog Walker?
Most dogs have the energy and strength to travel an average of 15 miles a day.
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Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter in Crofton, MDnnapolis
  • While you're away, your dog remains in his own familiar and secure environment
  • No cages 
  • Your dog will receive constant love and attention
  • Keeping your pet in his own environment will help prevent his exposure to illnesses that lurk around kennels 

  • Professional pet sitting and dog walking service; taking care of your pets is our full-time job and top priority
  • Fully insured pet sitters and dog walkers
  • Professional members of PUPS
  • Lifetime Pet Owners
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